5 ways to get yourself to do something you’ve been avoiding

1. Figure out something you really really love doing that doesn’t take too long and do that full-out with the understanding that as soon as you’re done you’ll do the other thing that you don’t really want to do.

2. See if you can figure out the one little part of the thing you don’t want to do that you most dread — and just eliminate it (for now). For instance, I always hated writing the lede paragraph of my stories when I was writing for the paper in college. So I would write the whole story first and then go back and finish the lede last.

3. Break the task up into tiny parts and write them all down. Check each one off as soon as it’s done so you can see that you are making progress even if the whole thing doesn’t get finished in one sitting.

4. Sit with yourself quietly and see if you can find a granule of excitement you have for the task in front of you. Even if it’s just how good you’ll feel when you’ve finally finished it. Hold onto that good feeling and concentrate on it, try to let it expand and fill you and then keep thinking about the thing you have to do while you feel that good feeling. I bet you feel less dread about it when you’re done.

5. Write a post about how to make yourself do something you’ve been avoiding ALL DAMN DAY 😉